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Notes From the Field...

Welcome to my new site!

Please excuse the mess as I add and improve along the way!

Sometimes I get so busy creating that I forget to keep track of my own work!

Does that ever happen to you? Like the contractor with unfinished drywall at his own house because he never has time to finish his own projects, I was the graphic designer/marketer who had let her former website go down because I kept forgetting to renew my hosting account! By the time I finally got around to fixing it, I was missing almost 2 years worth of design and website work, and the old site was no longer a good representation of my current skillset.

Time for Rebranding!

Many of the projects I have worked on over the last few years have involved company branding/rebranding, so I know how important it is to keep your image fresh and relevant.

I hope you like my "new look" and enjoy viewing my body of work - and don't forget to check back to see more in the weeks to come...

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