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Northborough 250th LOGOS

Project 01 | Town of Northborough

When the town of Northborough began making preparations for its 250th anniversary, I designed the logo as well as other marketing materials like program covers, a summer tote bag, banners etc...


Project 02 | Lorna Helms

When Lorna's longtime partner (and Mom) decided to retire, she felt it was a good time to rebrand her business.

Keeping with the Keller Williams color pallet I designed a look that was fresh and clean with a delicate and classy tone


Project 03 | Technology Health

Technology Heath was a small start-up company building a platform to manage medical data more efficiently. From designing their logo to building their website I was able to help keep their overall branding consistent. 


Project 04 | Lisbeth's Custom Draperies

Lisbeth's custom draperies had been around for over 40 years and was in desperate need of an updated logo. The client wanted a clean and classy pastel pallet.

Taking color cues from the beautiful fabrics offered by some of the trendiest design houses in home decor. 

NeoSome Building Mock-Up_edited.jpg
Project 05 | NeoSome

NeoSome Life Sciences is a small CRO looking to grow. In addition to a comprehensive marketing plan, an update of their branding including logo and website was necessary. 

Project 07 | Trinity Church Northborough
When Trinity decided that they wanted to be a little more visible in the community, I designed a fresh and modern logo to help promote their message.
Project 09 | Rebecca Love
When my beautiful and super talented niece needed a quick logo to throw on one of her college projects, it was Auntie Jo to the rescue!


Project 11 | Artemis Agile Consulting
Getting just the right curve on a line so that it looks natural but hits 4 points is harder than it looks but worth the effort when it helps unify the logo and provide visual movement. 


Project 08 | Zia Gianna
I create 3-5 logo designs for round 1, then fine-tune the client's selection until we have a final design everyone is happy with. Although not the client's pick, this design was my personal favorite.
Project 10 | Cheryl Silverberg Skincare​
I designed this logo years ago, for my friend as part of my degree program. Over the years it has been used for many marketing peices. 


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